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Dream Doors Comparison

Dream Doors and Windows began life primarily as an installation company installing doors for Sears, Home Depot and Lowe's. In fact, we were the original exclusive door installer company for Home Depot when they began their installation program in 1993.

As a result of that experience, we observed problems associated with mass-produced door units. Most, if not all doors, are built on assembly lines in millworks shops around the nation. Several are capable of building as many as eighteen hundred doors a day.

Each millworks shop bids according to the volume of work offered. To beat out a competing shop, these doors are often built hastily and with components that simply do not perform exceptionally, nor hold up over time. In other words, most door units commercially available are built to a price point, not a quality standard.

On these types of doors, we have observed multiple problems including but not limited to split and cracked jambs, misaligned jambs (frames) to the door slabs (resulting in uneven gaps causing insect and air infiltration, water leakage), broken or missing hinge screws, thresholds without support inserts (causing a "spongy" condition when stepped on), missing sealant between the jamb (frame) and threshold and excessive door reveal gaps causing the deadbolt locks to not fully engage.

These experiences caused Dream Doors and Windows to examine the possibility and ultimately build our own semi-custom doors. Dream Doors purchases the very best door components available and assembles them one at a time, by hand, in our own shop. This allows us to control the quality, and achieve a finished product that is truly sized for your exact opening. As a result, our doors not only look better, they feel and perform better.

This is how Dream Doors and Windows builds doors.

Dream Doors and Windows starts by measuring your opening and recording all pertinent information, such as jamb size, door swing direction, types and styles of interior and exterior trim. We also check for wood rot and termite damage to the jambs, trim and wall studs to determine if any unforeseen problems exist. If issues are discovered, the homeowner is consulted and options for remedy are discussed.

Once measured, we now build the door unit to the proper size to fit your exact opening. Most people assume door openings are all the same. Not true. There is practically no standardization in the industry, yet all mass produced doors are one size fits all. This now requires modification to the existing opening or the door unit. Either proposition results in an up-charge.

Generally, the results are less than stellar with either option.

Dream Doors and Windows specifies and use only the best quality materials and build techniques.

For instance, we specify Endura brand thresholds. These high-quality thresholds are thicker milled aluminum with VINYL support inserts. Although not visible once installed, these vinyl support inserts provide a "solid" feel when stepped upon and will never rot, unlike cheaper thresholds that use wood support inserts.

Dream Doors also use Q-lon nylon weather stripping. The durability and life of Q-lon exceeds cheaper plastic encased weather stripping used by most others.

Dream Doors uses high-quality Emtek ball bearing hinges, providing a better feel and finish over cheaper anodized or painted hinges.

Dream Doors uses vinyl jambs which not only eliminates wood rot and termite damage but also provides a higher degree of security from break-ins. Typical wood jambs are prone to these issues, and in fact, offer little security from break-ins. The bad guys know if they kick a door in the right place, a wood jamb will split and splinter away, allowing them entry.

When Dream Doors assembles the door unit, we screw the jambs together with multiple screws at the header and threshold (as opposed to staples that most others use). This accomplishes several things. One, each screw has a sheer tensile strength of eight hundred pounds each (versus about one hundred pounds for staples). This provides greater strength to the overall door unit. Secondly, if need be to remove and correct a problem, we can literally remove the screws without damaging the unit. Removing staples will most surely involve structural damage such as chipping and splitting key components since they have to be pried and chiseled apart.

One of the major complaints we heard from customers of the home improvement warehouse door products (when we were just an installation company), was the revealing gap around the door was excessive, as much as 3/8" or more. Dream Doors and Windows builds the door reveal tolerance to approximately 1/8", or about the width of a nickel. This not only looks better, it provides better sealing against the elements, insects, and lizards. It also allows for deeper penetration of the deadbolt for greater security.

Dream Doors and Windows employees company trained installers, compensated on how well they satisfy you!

Add up all of these differences and include the fact that Dream Doors and Windows has some exclusive product offerings, and you will see why Dream Doors and Windows is the number one premier door company in Jacksonville. When it comes to your largest investment, your home, does anything other than a genuine Dream Door make sense?

Door Comparison

Dream Doors

  • Fiberglass doors enclosed on all six sides
  • Swing-in sidelight option, Dream Doors exclusive
  • Multiple point locking systems option
  • Hand built by craftsmen for exact fit
  • Custom sized for a more symmetrical fit
  • Very tight tolerances for less air and water infiltration
  • Jambs screwed together, greater strength and security
  • Vinyl jambs or stain grade jambs standard
  • Jamb size matched to opening
  • High-quality Q-lon weather-stripping
  • High-quality ball bearing hinges
  • Vinyl supported threshold supports weight better
  • Dream Doors installers are company trained
  • Installation date given at time order is placed

The Others

  • Exposed wood edges on most fiberglass doors, subject to wood rot
  • Not available
  • Some offer, most do not
  • Assembly line construction, poor quality fit
  • One size fits all, usually requires modification to make fit
  • Wide clearance between door and jamb/sloppy fit
  • Jambs stapled together, easily kicked in
  • Most offers only primed jambs, subject to wood rot. Vinyl or stain grade may be optional at additional charge
  • Jamb size standard 4 9/16", other sizes an upcharge
  • Low-cost nylon weather-stripping deteriorates
  • Thin anodized hinges, tarnish and rust, squeaks
  • Wood supported, thin designed thresholds flex under weight
  • Most subcontract out their installations
  • Most require an installer to measure before price quote or install date is given

Dream Doors and Windows was an installation company, long before we built and sold our own door units. As a former contracted installer for Sears, Home Depot and Lowe's, we observed quality issues with door units that were built to a price point, not a quality standard.

As a result, Dream Doors and Windows decided to hand build the very best door units possible. Our goal is not to be the least expensive, but rather the best at what we do. After all, it's your home and our reputation.

Our front door and side panels are beautiful. We have had them for about 8 years and the still wonderful. We had them come back out and add the security reinforcement and they did a great job of protecting the surrounding woodwork. Very happy!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5 / 5 stars

— Bill Boyer Sr. Via Facebook