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Thinking About Boarding Up to Save on Your Energy Bill?

July 20, 2017

There is a misconception among many homeowners that solid wood doors are the best option for keeping out the summer heat and winter chill. Although wood doors would seem solid enough to get the job done, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, insulated steel and fiberglass doors are more energy efficient. That said there are numerous variables that also affect your indoor comfort and the size of your monthly utility bill. For example, your home's exterior doors can be a significant source of air leakage. Improperly installed or improperly sealed doors constructed from any material can allow unwanted air in and conditioned air out.

Patio doors, especially sliding glass doors, pass much more heat than other types of doors because glass is a very poor insulator. If you are considering replacing a standard sliding door, you don't have to give up the view. Dream Doors can install beautiful patio doors with excellent energy performance ratings based on your local climate and your home's design. A lot has to do with how much your exterior doors, especially glass components, are exposed to Mother Nature. Homeowners often opt for storm doors with glass inserts that can actually increase the heat trapped between the two doors.

ENERGY STAR is a government program that helps consumers save money on energy costs and protect the environment through superior energy efficiency. At Dream Doors, all doors and glass we use are Energy Star rated and meet federal guidelines for Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) and U-Factor. Some of our glass designs contain Low-E glass, which has an invisible metallic coating that helps to block heat flow. In addition, we recycle all used wood doors removed at the job site by cutting the rails and styles from the old doors. These materials are repurposed and used in the remanufacture of new wood doors.

It is important that you consider all the variables before you jump ship on your existing doors. Exposure to the elements, the condition of your weatherstripping, the materials used to manufacture the door and the quality of installation all play an important role.  Give us a call at 904.880.7778 for assistance in determining your best option for improving the energy efficiency in your home. After all, we dream in Green!