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The Latest Door Trends

August 26, 2019

When it comes to updating your property and keeping it looking current, it’s important that you stay
up-to-date with the latest trends. In Jacksonville, like the rest of the country, design trends are
changing faster than ever and keeping up can be a daunting prospect. However, if you are looking
to upgrade your door design this year, you have some great options available that are not just
functional and built to last but look great too. There are so many options when choosing a door
design, you just need to know where to start.
Continue reading to learn what is in style when it comes to doors in Jacksonville this year.

Color Considerations

Every year you will see different color palettes being used in Jacksonville interior/exterior design,
as trends change and evolve over time. Right now, you will see a lot of deep blue colors among
glass doors in particular. However, don’t limit yourself to blues alone, as other bright and vibrant
colors can work great when living in a warm climate. In the sunshine, brighter exterior colors can
create a wonderful, welcoming feel for any home.
Barn doors seem to be following a warmer trend with lots of rich reds and autumnal colors being
the pick of the moment. It all really depends on your unique taste and other design elements of
your home as to what colors will work best. Once you have decided on the right type of door for
your home, the colors you choose are what will take them to the next level in terms of design.

Larger Than Life

Around the Jacksonville area, you may notice a lot of larger doors being installed, as they look
stylish and become a focal design point. When it comes to contemporary door design options,
these larger sizes offer a lot of fantastic minimalist designs and sleek looks, especially when it
comes to glass doors. Doors are being constructed using fewer materials, but being made lighter
and stronger, which allows for a lot of potential customizations to fit the overall aesthetic of your
With larger doors, there is an opportunity you can opt to have some interesting glass work done to
add a standout feature in your home. While custom glasswork can add a little more expensive, the
technology available these days produces some very impressive results. Glass with very minimal
structure, whether it be wood or other building materials looks great in any home. All of this glass
allows you to take advantage of the wonderful natural light and let it flood into your home to create
a warm, bright ambiance within.

Barn Doors Are In

Barn doors have been used for practical purposes for hundreds of years and they are making a big
comeback in Jacksonville and across the nation. They give a warm, rustic feeling to any home and
also come in a variety of sizes. This style of door is not going to work well in every home, but when
tastefully done, they help to create a unique look. A barn door can really add to your property and
bring an air of country-chic to even the most modern home designs. If you decide on a barn style
door it’s important to choose your color carefully and stick with something a little warmer.

The Latest And Greatest

When it comes to design trends you really need to take some time to assess the current look and
feel of your home. A little can go a long way, and adding new door colors is one small change that
can make a big impression. The right door design can elevate a space, change the overall
ambiance and feel of your home and leave you with a house to be proud of.
For all the latest door designs, Dream Doors and Windows is the go-to source for homeowners in
the Jacksonville area. From traditional to modern styles to glass designs, our selection and prices
make it easy to find the perfect doors for your home.