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Reasons Why You Should Use a Door Professional

September 19, 2017

Because your front door gets the most attention from the street, it is considered to be one of the top-ranked remodeling projects for any homeowner looking to increase their home’s value and street appeal. After all, it is the first impression that ushers people into your home. But, many homeowners make the mistake of tackling an upgrade of their entrance doors thinking this will save money. In most cases, replacing an exterior door system is not an easy DIY task and the potential savings are lost due a lack of experience in properly fitting, installing and sealing a new entranceway. It is often critical to the outcome that the installer is knowledgeable of materials, fasteners and the best installation techniques.

Why should you consider dream doors for your remodeling project? At Dream Doors, we:

  • Have Been Installing Doors for 35 Years Plus
  • Measure Your Opening Accurately for Jamb Size
  • Uses the Best Build Techniques
  • Use the Very Best Door Components Available
  • Build Energy Star Rated Doors and Glass
  • Meet Federal Guidelines for Solar Heat Gain Coefficient and U-Factor
  • Assemble Doors in Our Own Shop by Hand
  • Build the Door Unit to Fit Exact Opening
  • Use Milled Aluminum Thresholds with Vinyl Inserts
  • Install Q-lon Nylon Weather Stripping
  • Use High Quality Emtek Ball Bearing Hinges
  • Use Vinyl Jambs for Higher Degree of Security
  • Assemble Door Unit by Screwing the Jambs Together
  • Build Door Reveal Tolerance to Approximately 1/8th Inch
  • Install Decorative Glass for Extreme Door Makeover
  • Provides Highest Quality of Customer Service
  • Is a Certified Building Contractor (CBC1255285)
  • Meet State of Florida Hurricane Compliance Building Codes

Since conditioned air is generally lost through air leaks around the door, not through the door itself, proper installation is crucial if you’re looking to add to the energy-efficiency of your home. In addition, a poorly-fitted door often lacks security and may allow someone to easily break into your home. Our door specialists can advice you as to which doors will best suit your needs and your budget; and our installers take the guesswork out of door replacements and new installations. Let Dream Doors make your door remodeling projects easy. For clear answers to all your questions, give us a call at (904) 880-7778 to speak directly with an experienced service representative.

NOTE:  When you think GREEN, think Dream Doors™. We recycle all used wood doors removed at installation by cutting the rails and styles from the old doors. These rails and styles are used in a sustainable manner for the remanufacture of new doors.