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Don't Let Your Sprinkler System Damage Your Exterior Glass

May 17, 2018

Now that "spring has sprung" many home sprinkler systems have been turned up to high. After all, your yard can quickly turn from bright green to light brown if the hot Florida sun is allowed to bake on its own. If you are like most people, you always intend to check all the heads and make the necessary seasonal adjustments to ensure the proper spray; but like most people, always run short on time. Next thing you know, you are seeing little droplets of water on the windowpanes or the glass patio doors. Not a problem, it's about time for a spring window cleaning anyway.

Unfortunately, by the time you get around to the task, there are numerous spots on the glass. So, what are these stubborn stains and how can you get them off? When dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium are in high quantity, the water is said to be hard. Although it is naturally occurring and not harmful to your health, it does create a condition that is hazardous to your glass. You may have noticed the affects of hard water on a drinking glass that was left in the dish rack to dry. Even though you know the glass is clean, the haze created by spots makes it feel like it wasn't properly rinsed.

After repeated exposure from your sprinkler's hard water, the film on the glass begins to crust and your window or door glass will have a hazy look. This not only detracts from your home's appearance, but it can quickly affect the amount of natural light that enters from the outside. Because glass is porous, the hard water stains can eventually etch the glass. Once etching occurs, it is nearly impossible to remove the mineral deposits. Depending upon the level of buildup, you can try a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and distilled water. Additionally, there are a few commercial products to rid your home's glass of hard water spots and stains.

If all else fails, call a professional cleaning company that specializes in window cleaning. They may also offer a sealant that can be used to treat your glass once they get it clean. While you are at, call your irrigation company and have them set your sprinkler heads, so your yard gets a good watering and not your windows or doors. For replacement glass options, contact Dream Doors at (904) 880-7778.