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Do You Dream About Doors?

October 4, 2018

At Dream Doors and Windows, we dream about doors every day.

Naturally, a door in someone's dream can represent many things, such as the opening of new possibilities or a realization that life's challenges may be problematic or difficult to resolve. If you have ever wondered what a nighttime dream involving a door really means, visit the Dream Dictionary website. According to dreamtime expert Aunty Flo, the door in your dreams can represent hope, opportunities, a new beginning, and the closing of a chapter in your life, transformation, secrecy, mystery, fear and hospitality. Nevertheless, the symbolic interest in doors is nothing new and dates back to ancient times, when false doors were often installed in tombs, as an entry point into person's afterlife.

If you see yourself on the inside of your front door in your dreams, you are protecting yourself from unknown outside influences. Since an entrance door is associated with drama, this might explain humankind's fascination with placing markings and objects on the outside of a front door, such as a lucky horseshoe or Sanskrit swastika. Buddhist symbolism suggests putting a pair of Foo Dogs on either side of your front door to protect your home against dangers, such as burglary and theft. When you pass through your front door while dreaming, it signifies you are moving from one level of consciousness to another. If in your dreams you are traveling from outside in, your concern is one of self-discovery, whereas passing through your front door to the outside suggests you are moving toward a greater enlightenment by making yourself more accessible to outside influences.

When it comes to colors and decorative glass doors, a door you can see through represents good fortune in Chinese dream culture. Typically, a red door in feng shui is associated with a positive omen, which might explain why many Christian churches have a red front door to signify one's willingness to confront their spiritual self (or rebirth). A white door is thought to serve as a gateway to the purest part of your soul where you find your inner peace. On the other hand, a blue door represents a peaceful transition for the pursuit of truth. If you have been dreaming about a new front door, the staff at Dream Doors and Windows would love to hear about it. Stop by the Dream Doors Showroom located at 5220 Shad Road in Jacksonville FL, or call 904-880-7778 to speak with door specialist today.