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Do All of Your Doors Look the Same?

March 7, 2018

When you buy a home, it is easy to visualize how a new door color or sidelights may give your entranceway a welcoming new look. Even if you lack the eye of a professional decorator, you can always stop by your local door store and stroll their aisle of stylish front doors. Since a home's back doors typically open into the yard or patio area, it is easy to picture what French doors or the latest glass folding doors would look like as a replacement for the stereotypical sliding back door. Although exterior doors do tend trigger a lot of creative thinking, all too often a new homeowner will simply ignore the cookie-cutter interior doors they inherit.

 When it comes down to it, exactly how many pre-hung, white, 6-panel doors can your mind's eye tolerate? They may work well for added privacy from one room to the next, but they do very little for optimizing a home's visual space. Unfortunately, there is a natural tendency for a new homeowner to accept what they get and focus on painting the walls or hanging their pictures. But, a stylish interior door can bring a whole new look to a bland interior living space and can even be used to enhance open-plan living. Rooms that are nothing special to look at can take on a distinctive appearance by thinking outside the box (or door).

Whether you need to replace a solid interior door, a louvered door, a pocket door or a folding door, it might be time to consider an elegant BarnCraft door from Dream Doors and More. In addition to adding a whole new look to your home's interior, today's sliding barn doors can create a more open feel for smaller areas without sacrificing privacy or insulation for sound or temperature control. BarnCraft interior doors are perfect for the bedroom, living room, and kitchen as well as an innovative option for a home office, bathroom, laundry room, family room or den. They are easy to install and provide the same great look when they are open or closed.

Because your doors are a crucial element to a good interior design, call Dream Doors and More today at 904-880-7778 to speak with our door specialist; or stop by our showroom at 5220 Shad Road in Jacksonville FL for the personalized service you deserve.