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Winterize your Exterior Doors to Save Energy, Money

November 12, 2010

As the temperatures drop nationwide, it’s time to winterize your exterior doors. Making sure your doors, windows and other potential draft spots are secured will help keep your home warm and your energy consumption and costs down throughout the cold season. Dream Doors of Jacksonville offers these helpful tips for improving the energy efficiency of your entire simply by focusing on your front door.

Are your exterior doors ready for wintertime?

First, if your exterior door is old and drafty, consider upgrading. Years of wear and tear may have caused cracks and leaks that can’t efficiently be repaired. Dream Doors offers a full range of beautiful replacement doors with decorative glass inserts. Not only will your new door be expertly installed in a way that helps cut your energy costs, but you may qualify for a federal income tax deduction of up to $1,500 under the Non-Business Energy Property Tax Credit program.

When choosing a new door, know that fiberglass doors help lower energy costs because they do not conduct heart or cold well, which means your heating and air conditioning stays inside your home. By comparison, steel doors conduct heat and cold, making your home even colder in the wintertime and hotter during the summer. Also know that Dream Doors’ exterior door glass panels and sidelights are made with at least two, typically three panes of glass thickness, with the two outer panes being tempered safety glass. This means that they were evenly heated, then cooled during manufacturing – a convection process that gives glass increased strength against thermal stress. Even the most severe cold won’t damage or weaken the glass.

Be sure to check your doors’ weather stripping before the temperatures take a big dip. Metal or vinyl weather stripping is best because they hold up well against the wear and tear of daily foot traffic and opening and closing of doors. Felt or open-cell foam weather stripping are less expensive, but ineffective for blocking airflow, holding up against traffic or resisting moisture. Note that doors and windows account for up to 20% of the heat loss in your home.

Don’t stop with your doors. Be sure to check for possible air leaks around your windows, plumbing vents, wall electrical outlets and switches, recessed lights exposed to the attic, attic stairs, vertical plumbing stacks open in the basement and other culprits that suck heat from your home and release it into the outdoors.  And consider insulating attics and crawl spaces.

Dream Doors’ Jacksonville showroom offers a first-hand look at hundreds of new doors, decorative glass inserts and sidelights and high-quality hardware (door handles, lockset and interior trim) and a staff of expert installers. Plus, we’ll ship your chosen products anywhere in the United States. Stop in to Dream Doors in Jacksonville or buy online. Call 904-880-7778 or contact us via our online email form to learn more.