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Are Glass Doors Safe? Jacksonville's Dream Doors says "Yes"

October 11, 2010

It’s a question we get asked often – Are glass doors safe? Jacksonville area residents want to be sure their homes are secure and their families are safe from harm. For many homeowners, the idea of nothing but glass between them and a potential intruder or peeping tom seems a bit troubling. But we can assure you that the glass on your table top, and even the glass in your windows is not the same as the glass used in beautiful door makeover by Dream Doors of Jacksonville.

Dream Doors of Jacksonville's glass doors are beautiful and safe.

All of Dream Doors’ glass doors have at least two panes of glass thickness and most of them have three. The two outer panes are tempered safety glass, which means they’ve been evenly heated, then cooled by cold air during manufacturing. This convection process gives the glass increased strength against mechanical and thermal stress. While these glass panes can be broken, it takes much more effort and makes much more noise than your average crook is willing to spend. After all, discretion is a crook’s MO and the exertion needed to break through a Dream Doors glass door would certainly attract attention.

Another concern is whether passersby can see through your glass doors. Jacksonville-based Dream Doors’ glass doors are designed with varying degrees of obscurity. Still, even the clearest of our glass doors features designs that obscure the vision. Passersby may see only a blurred shape at best. Many of our designs make it near impossible even to determine whether anyone is inside your home. Plus, you can make it even more difficult for people to see through your glass doors at night by installing a motion detector to activate your porch light when someone approaches your door.

Dream Doors of Jacksonville also provides a 10-year warranty on decorative door glass and between-the-glass blinds. If your glass or frame fails anytime within the ten-year period, we will replace the unit at no charge. You’ll pay only a change out fee after the first year. For beautiful glass doors that boost your home’s value while keeping your family secure, visit Dream Doors’ Jacksonville showroom or browse our products online. For more information, reach us at 904-880-7778.