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When do I need a new door?

November 17, 2010

We receive several calls each week from people who are convinced they need a new door. It has become standard procedure for us to ask “what do you see or experience with your door that makes you believe a new replacement is necessary?”

In our experience, many people believe the problems they are experiencing with their door constitute a replacement. Many times that is not the case. For instance, when they see light around the perimeter of the door, they assume the door is warped. Or if the closed door is hard to latch, and they see a gap either at the top or bottom, they naturally conclude the door may be warped. Air felt blowing past a door, water leakage, cracked panels or molding trim around the glass, loose locksets or a door that just won’t stay shut often leads people to believe they need a complete door replacement.

Sometimes there are good and compelling reasons to replace a door. For instance, older wood doors do tend to warp. Some split in places making repair difficult or too expensive. Or perhaps a steel door is rusting out from the inside. Wood rot or termite damage may have damaged the jambs (frame) so severely that replacement is the only reasonable option.

At Dream Doors, we always ask specific questions to determine the condition of your door. This potentially saves you the expense and inconvenience of a door replacement. Many times a simple adjustment, or new weather stripping, or a new lockset is sufficient to bring that old door into a satisfactory condition.

While we generally do not repair doors, we will if the purchase of decorative glass is made from our company. Once we come to install the glass into your door, we will inspect and inform you what additional repairs are recommended and how much they will cost if purchased from our company. You may also opt to have a handyman or someone else to make those repairs.

If you have a door problem…or just think you may have one, call Dream Doors or another reputable company that you trust to give your door an evaluation. You may find you don’t need to replace that old door after all!