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Top Color Trends add Style to your Home's Front Door

February 25, 2012

The top color trends for 2012 seem inspired by a lifestyle trend toward minimizing and simplifying to a more holistic, eco-friendly and relaxing mode of living. If you’re looking to boost your home’s curb appeal and resale value, a fresh coat of paint in a hue that communicates these sentiments will help.

This year’s most popular colors primarily fall in to the blues, greens and neutrals categories. Blue-based colors are reminiscent of clean, running water, an element essential to life and good health. They convey a relaxed, refreshed feeling and range from faded denim to 1960s retro turquoise to deep indigo.

Greens, understandably, are popular among eco-conscious homeowners. Drawn from elements of an unspoiled landscape, they range from pale celery greens to funky avocado greens to darker mossy greens. Tone-on-tone layering is popular within this color group, creating sense of depth as if walking into a forest. Combining blue and yellow tones, greens covey a relaxing, purifying feeling.

Neutrals are a hit among those looking to simplify their lives by minimizing their surroundings. This means not only clearing clutter from their homes’ interior, but giving their homes’ exteriors a cleaner, more streamlined and versatile look. But contrary to conventional thinking, neutral need not equate to boring. Layering of neutral tones can create a little subtle drama. Plus, neutrals can be complemented by pops of color in your gardens and entryway decorations.

If it’s time to give your home’s exterior an updated look, call Dream Doors, Jacksonville’s front door specialist. We can give your home’s entryway a beautiful makeover with new colors accented by stylish glass inserts. Shop online or stop by our showroom in Jacksonville’s Mandarin neighborhood.