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Spring is a Great Time to Change Your Door Color

April 14, 2016

The color of your front door is the first thing that anyone sees when they drive by or approach your house. It introduces strangers to the people inside. If you’re tired of seeing the same thing every day, spring is a perfect time to tackle a do-it-yourself renovation. Plus, according to a recent article in House Beautiful, it is the easiest way to give your home instant curb appeal.

Before you head to the hardware store to look at those tiny paint splotches, take a step back and make note of your home’s exterior. The style, color and trim can play a major role in how a revitalized front door will actually look. Keep in mind too, the amount of decorative glass and how that glass is highlighted will play a role in your home’s overall appearance.

Now, let’s look at some traditional colors to choose from:


Because of its visibility, red is used around the world as a warning signal or to symbolize events. Every heard “paint the town red” or “your bank account is in the red”? It is a color that has great clarity and lures people to your entrance like bees to honey. A red door is extra eye-catching and a welcoming sight.


This traditional Southern color looks as great with white wood siding and black trim as it does with brick and white trim. Green symbolized victory for the ancient Greeks and is worn as a mark of honor by the Scots. Green is a healing color and beckons visitors inside. Don’t forget. Green doors look great with brass hardware.


Blue was worn in ancient Egypt for protection against evil and is a color that must be worn by a bride on her wedding day. It evokes feelings of success (blue ribbon), loyalty and faithfulness. The various shades of blue often look different from morning to night. Blue doors go great with grey shake siding and white trim.

While you’re picking up your paint, take a look at some door hardware. Brass knobs and kicker plates can add accent to right door while more mirrored finishes will pick up some of the surrounding colors in the landscape. Remember to think about what your front door will look like when its open. The right color can brighten your foyer for added value.