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Spooky but Safe Halloween Ideas for your Front Door, Jacksonville

October 28, 2011

If you love the treats and trickery and tricked out costumes of Halloween, no doubt you’re in decorating mode this weekend. And we’ve got a few great ideas for dressing up your doorway, Jacksonville.

No occasion makes decorating more fun than Halloween. But if you’re not careful, you could turn your doorway into a miniature hall of terror – literally. The wrong decorations can make the evening downright scary for both your visitors and you. If someone gets hurt on your property as a result of the items you choose, it can have serious legal and financial consequences. Dream Doors of Jacksonville urges you to choose wisely when it comes to three common Halloween hazards:

  • Tripping hazards: Clearly mark the walkway leading up to your door and remove any items that could cause trick-or-treaters to trip. Situate larger decorations along the walls of your entry way and perhaps in the yard several feet from where children will walk. An example is placing fake gravestones in your grass with small, battery operated lights shining on them, so children can see them from a distance. Of course, some kids will simply be too excited to use the walkways and instead run through yards. To avoid injuries, choose decorative items (like those gravestones) made with soft, pliable materials such as Styrofoam.
  • Fire hazards: Dark areas dimly lit with candles are a beautifully spooky, but chancy decorative choice. It takes only a second for a long, flowing costume like a Dracula cape or princess gown to catch fire. Instead of lighting up jack-o-lanterns with lit candles, use battery operated tea lights. Even those candles in wax-lined bags can be dangerous if knocked over. Instead, use solar powered or battery operated lights along walkways. And opt for orange, purple or green Christmas tree lights around your door and in your trees to give off a spooky (but safe) glow.
  • Music: Scary music and sound effects are a fun way to add a spooky ambiance to your decorated doorway. But keep the volume low enough that you can hear trick-or-treaters coming. If it’s too loud, it can scare very young children and make their Halloween experience not so fun. It also can annoy neighbors who may choose not to participate in Halloween goings-on.

From all of us here at Dream Doors Jacksonville, Happy Halloween!