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Personalize Your Door to Reflect Your Style

March 2, 2016

The entry door of any home makes a statement. What story does your entry way tell? Does it reflect elegance and beauty? Does it tell a sad tale of woe and neglect? Is the story so boring that even you don’t want to listen to it? Thankfully, remodeling your front door and entryway to reflect your personal style is easier than you might think.

Try a New Shade

A fresh coat of paint in an appealing shade is a tried and true decorating trick of the trade. Calming shades of muted blues and grays can lift the spirit, cover minor blemishes on the door, and complement the home’s existing color scheme. Other colors like red, orange, or a bold blue can create a vibrant focal point for your home.

Let the Light Shine In

Entry doors can seem heavy, dark and cookie-cutter. If your entryway seems like everyone else’s on the block, adding decorative glass to your existing door will allow you to make a personal style statement. Some homeowners may shy away from glass inserts feeling like they compromise the efficiency, privacy, and safety of their existing solid door. Modern glass inserts use Energy Star rated glazed glass to offer maximum beauty without sacrificing efficiency or privacy.

The tempered safety glass used provides a superior level of protection against break-ins and theft. And, the best part is that glass can be added easily to an existing entry door without having to go through an expensive and time-consuming replacement.

Looking to redesign your entryway but unwilling to part with your throw a perfectly good door in the landfill? Dream Doors can help. Visit our site to pre-qualify your fiberglass or paneled wood door and see how Dream Doors can brighten up your home’s entryway with decorative glass and sidelights.