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New Year - New Front Doors! Jacksonville's Dream Doors Has You Covered

January 27, 2012

The dawn of a new year brings a sense of renewal and, for most, a list of resolutions designed to help improve one’s health and looks and to make life easier and more enjoyable. These typically focus on one’s body image and financial goals. But what about the home you live in? Extending those resolutions to improve your space allows for psychological and perhaps even financial benefits.

So why not start with your front door? Jacksonville’s Dream Doors shows how a door makeover or a complete door replacement can help give your 2012 a beautiful start.

  1. Energy boost: If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to save money, you’re in luck. Replacing your aging, warped doors with solid new door that boasts a low SHGC and U value can help lower your cooling and heating costs. A door’s U value is the measure of the heat escaping from inside your home to the outside through your doors. Similarly, the SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) refers to the amount of solar heat that passes through a window and into your home. The lower the SHGC and U value, the more energy efficient your home is. That’s why Dream Doors of Jacksonville offers exterior door makeovers featuring beautiful glass inserts with U values of .24 to .38 and SHGCs of .11 to .33.
  2. Curb appeal and value boost: A revamped entry way also can help boost your home’s curb appeal and increase its resale value. Studies show that an attractive front entrance can boost a home’s perceived market value by an average 6.6 percent. So, if better money management is a goal for you in 2012, this is one investment that will pay off nicely.
  3. New look, new outlook: Another goal that tops many a New Year’s resolution list is to improve one’s home or office environment. Clearing out clutter and sprucing up, whether that means a new coat of paint, new or rearranged furniture, or planting a garden, lend feelings of order, ease and reinvigoration. So, turning your drab front door into a dramatic entryway with stunning glass inserts can help give you a positive emotional boost, too.

If you’re ready for a beautiful new look for your home, turn to Dream Doors, Jacksonville’s top provider of door makeovers and door replacements. Call 904-880-7778 or stop by our Mandarin-area showroom today.