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Giving New Life to Patio Doors ? It Is Easier Than you Think

February 11, 2016

Patio and exterior doors weather easily. They face the hot summer sun, the cold winter temperatures, driving rain, hail, sleet, and maybe even snow. All that abuse can take the wreak havoc with doors. In the following paragraphs, we go through a few of the tips that help give new life to patio doors.

1. Replace the Glass

You can change the look of your doors simply by replacing the glass. Dream Doors offers glass replacement for all types of doors and their service takes just about an hour. That kind of convenience makes adding glass panes, changing the glass color or creating a brand new doorway from your existing door easy.

2. Refinish the Doors

Refinishing doors can be a project. The old doors must be sanded so that cracked varnish or paint is removed. If the door has weather damage, such as cracks or even rot then those areas must be repaired. Cracks are easily taken care of with food putty or glue. Rot must be cut out and a new piece installed. In the case of rot it can be cheaper to just use new doors. Some people just repaint the doors without caring for the wood. That is a recipe for buying new doors sooner rather than later. The trick to caring for doors is to keep the wood sealed so once the wood is repaired you can reseal the door using paint or a good all-weather stain.

3. Add Scroll Work

To help increase the security of glass patio doors, you can add scroll work that acts as a deterrent for burglars but adds a decorative touch to your patio. Also, ask about our double glass options with built-in blinds.

For more information or for an estimate on giving new life to your patio doors, just contact Dream Doors and let one of their professionals answer your questions.