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Common Questions About Glass Doors

February 10, 2017

When you’ve installed over 10,000 decorative glass doors, you hear a lot of the same questions from home owners. Most concerns are around the glass itself, usually involving security and privacy. When it comes to security, people almost always ask if their front entry will be less secure after the glass is installed. Their fear is that anyone can easily break the glass and walk right into the home. This is nothing to worry about. The glass used in our decorative doors is usually three panes thick. The two exterior panes are tempered safety glass. This takes a lot of effort to break through and will also make a lot of noise if someone tries it. Usually people attempting to break into a home want to do so as quietly as possible and in a less obvious location.

When it comes to privacy, the number one concern is a passersby seeing right into the home. All of the glass used in front entry doors will have some level of obscurity, even extremely clear glass. Most decorative glass manufacturers accomplish this with an opaque design or some level of “wavering.” Think of this effect as that seen in the window of a bathroom but to a lesser degree. Neighbors strolling down the sidewalk will not be able to see directly into your home. At night it is obviously much easier to see into a home through the glass since it is dark outside and light inside. We highly recommend installing a motion detector on the outside porch light. This will illuminate the front of the doorway making it more difficult to see inside.

The final question we often get has to do with the warranty backing this investment. All of our glass doors have a 10-year warranty on the glass and a warranty on the labor for the first year. This warranty is not prorated and comes with the hassle-free customer service we’ve become known for.

We hope we’ve answered some of the concerns you may have about revitalizing your front door with decorative glass. Should you have any additional questions, feel free to call us at 904-880-7788 and we’ll be happy to answer them.