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Be Aware of Holiday Safeguards for Your Doorways, Jacksonville

November 29, 2011

The Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s Day holidays are meant to be joyous occasions. But that joy can quickly turn to despair if you’re not mindful of your doorways. Jacksonville’s Dream Doors offers a few tips for keeping your home safe from thieves who prey on holiday shoppers.

  • Don’t advertise: Thieves often look into your trash and peer into windows to see if your Black Friday or other holiday shopping has netted items they’d like to have under their own Christmas trees. So, when you throw away the box that your new Blu-ray disc player came in, don’t simply toss it in the trash can that spends hours outside your front door or on the curb in front of your home. Instead, take all tell-tale packaging to a dumpster, preferably one that’s a significant distance from your home. Also, store away such gifts in a closet until you’ve had time to wrap them.
  • Lock up: Keep all doors and windows locked, and keep curtains drawn in a way that won’t allow those outside to see your stacks of gifts.
  • Don’t give thieves a hiding place: Burglars look for homes that have doorways and windows shrouded by bushes, shrubs, trees or large holiday decorations. This gives them a spot to hide from neighbors and passing police officers while they shimmy open your doors or windows. Trim back trees and shrubs away from your doors and windows, making them clearly visible. Also be mindful of your holiday decorations. That life-size Santa statue looks great, but it could offer another hiding spot for thieves. Keep doorway decorations small and place those larger pieces in more open spaces.
  • Shed some light: Install bright, motion-activated lights in and near your doorways and other dark spots where thieves might try to hide. A bright light shining on a stranger in your doorway or yard can help alert neighbors that something is amiss.
  • Show your numbers: In case your efforts to protect your doorway and home safe fail to deter a determined thief make sure your house numbers are clearly visible from the street. This will help police officers called to your home find it easily and quickly and may boost the chances that the thief will get caught before he makes his way out of your home.

Safe and happy holidays from all of us here at Dream Doors, Jacksonville!