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Know How to Spot Warped Doors, Jacksonville?

They’re tricky to spot and not always repairable. If you’ve got warped doors, Jacksonville’s Dream Doors can help.

Well, it's pretty easy to see that this door is warped. But it's not always easy to spot a less severely warped door at your home or building.

Warped doors, also referred to as twisted doors, are most easily spotted when toe door is closed. The tell-tale sign is one corner of the door being flush with the door jamb while the opposite corner sticks away from the jamb. But that tell-tale sign can be a tricky one, too. That’s because the corner of the door that is sticking away from the door jamb may not be part of the warped door.

To pinpoint which door is the warped culprit, open it and place a four-foot level along the latch stile (the vertical edge of the door that includes the latch). If the level is off, your door likely is warped.

If a door is only slightly warped, some will attempt to straighten it out by placing a foot on the bottom corner of the door and pulling the top corner of the door in the opposite direction of the warp. Trouble is, this can loosen the rail and stile joints on your door, particularly if it’s a wooden door. A much more effective repair option is to remove the door stop and reinstall it to better match the profile of the door.

Of course, there may be no repair to a more severely warped door. Jacksonville’s Dream Doors can not only replace your warped exterior door, but expand your doorway, adding beautiful glass sidelights. If you’re in the market for a new doorway, browse our online selection including our Specials & Closeouts section where you’ll find gorgeous decorative door glass. Some are special volume purchases, manufacturers’ closeouts and discontinued items – all available at incredible low prices.

Don’t let a warped door warp your home’s overall look and perceived value. Browse our online store or stop by Dream Doors’ Jacksonville showroom in the Mandarin area.

Love Your New Dream Doors, Jacksonville? Show Them Off and Win $100!

Show off your new Dream Doors, Jacksonville - and win $100!

If you purchased a new set of Dream Doors, Jacksonville, why not show them off – especially when they could win you money. Dream Doors of Jacksonville is launching a monthly photo contest to find the best looking new entryways in Northeast Florida. Winners get a $100 Visa gift card to use any way they choose.

Here’s how the contest works: Upload a photo of your new doorway to our Facebook contest page and include your name in the photo caption. Then, invite everyone on your friends list to “like” your door. The entry with the most likes at the end of each month wins the Visa gift card.

Have fun with it. Use Facebook status updates, tweets, text messages and other social media sites and communications tools to encourage friends to vote for your photo. If your photo doesn’t win this month, no worries. Voting re-starts each month, so you have multiple chances to win. Just enter your photo any time during the month. Winners will be announced on the first day of the following month.

Don’t have a new set of Dream Doors? Then what are you waiting for? Stop by Dream Doors’ Jacksonville showroom at 5220 Shad Road on the Southside or browse our online selection. Find out if your existing door can be remodeled with stunningly designed glass inserts, or choose a complete door replacement. With either choice, you’ll get a stylish new look for your home that boosts your curb appeal and resale value – all at a price you can afford.

What Color Will You Paint Your New Doors, Jacksonville? Your Choice Says a Lot.

Are you looking to add new exterior doors or spruce up your existing doors? Jacksonville’s Dream Doors can help create a gorgeous new entryway to your home, complete with stunning decorative glass inserts and a brand new paint job. In fact, right now, we’re offering a Valentine’s Day special: Free painting with the purchase of any complete door replacement – a $600 value.

Chinese homeowners paint their doors red for good luck at the start of a new year, but in Scotland, red means the mortgage is paid off!

So, what color will you choose for your doors? Jacksonville-area residents are a creative bunch, so we see doors of all sorts of colors. But you may be surprised to learn just what message your color choice conveys. Not only is it a reflection of your personality, but in certain cultures, a door color can speak something very specific.

Feng Shui followers say that a red door creates a welcoming energy in your home and “colorology” suggests that a person who chooses a red door likely is a brave, passionate and brutally honest person type who is tough to please. In China, homeowners are said to paint their doors red at the start of a new year for good luck. For some Christian denominations, a red door hearkens to the Old Testament story wherein Jewish slaves held captive in Egypt were instructed by God to mark their doors with the blood of a sheep to ward off the Angel of Death. Perhaps taking a cue from that same story, Irish homeowners believe that a red door wards off ghosts and evil spirits. For early American settlers, a red door signified a place where they could find hospitality and a place to stay the night. And in Scotland, homeowners who have paid off their mortgage celebrate by splashing their doors a rich, bright red.

It seems that a red door holds the most varied messages. But other colors have something to say as well. A blue door is reminiscent of water, so it carries a sense of calm, Feng Shui followers say. Similarly, blue has long been considered a color that conveys strength, security and reliability. That’s why it’s the color of choice for business leaders and policemen. Similarly, a black door signifies elegance, influence and consistency.

Green signified wealth and growth in many cultures, so painting one’s door green signifies that someone has either gained wealth or hopes that the color will draw wealth to them. If you choose an orange door, you’re likely the adventurous type, and a purple door says that you are eclectic, extravagant and love the luxurious life.

No matter what color you choose, Dream Doors of Jacksonville can help you create a look that perfectly complements your home and your personality. And if you purchase a new door replacement by February 28, 2011 we’ll paint it for free. Call 904-880-7778 or stop by our showroom at 5220 Shad Road in Jacksonville’s Mandarin neighborhood.

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