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The entry door of any home makes a statement. What story does your entry way tell? Does it reflect elegance and beauty? Does it tell a sad tale of woe and neglect? Is the story so boring that even you don’t want to listen to it? Thankfully, remodeling your front door and entryway to reflect your personal style is easier than you might think.

Try a New Shade

A fresh coat of paint in an appealing shade is a tried and true decorating trick of the trade. Calming shades of muted blues and grays can lift the spirit, cover minor blemishes on the door, and complement the home’s existing color scheme. Other colors like red, orange, or a bold blue can create a vibrant focal point for your home.

Let the Light Shine In

Entry doors can seem heavy, dark and cookie-cutter. If your entryway seems like everyone else’s on the block, adding decorative glass to your existing door will allow you to make a personal style statement. Some homeowners may shy away from glass inserts feeling like they compromise the efficiency, privacy, and safety of their existing solid door. Modern glass inserts use Energy Star rated glazed glass to offer maximum beauty without sacrificing efficiency or privacy.

The tempered safety glass used provides a superior level of protection against break-ins and theft. And, the best part is that glass can be added easily to an existing entry door without having to go through an expensive and time-consuming replacement.

Looking to redesign your entryway but unwilling to part with your throw a perfectly good door in the landfill? Dream Doors can help. Visit our site to pre-qualify your fiberglass or paneled wood door and see how Dream Doors can brighten up your home’s entryway with decorative glass and sidelights.

Preventing Break-Ins While You’re Away – Dream Doors of Jacksonville Offers Tips

Following a few simple tips can help reduce the chance of a burglar breaking into your home while you're away on a summer vacation.

Summertime means travel time for many homeowners. So how do you protect your home from a break-in while you’re driving Route 66 or sailing the Caribbean? Dream Doors of Jacksonville offers 10 simple tips for keeping criminals out of your home:

  1. Stop by your nearest police station or substation and ask to have an officer step up patrol of your neighborhood while you’re away. After all, many of your neighbors are likely to be traveling as well.
  2. Halt all mail and newspaper deliveries or have a trusted friend or neighbor collect them while you’re away. A big stack of unchecked mail makes a home a prime target for burglars.
  3. Lock all doors, windows, pet entrances and garage doors. Leave a few shades open or partially open, so that it looks like someone is home.
  4. Place all of your valuables (including jewelry and financial papers) to a safe deposit box, so that a would-be burglar peering into a window won’t see them.
  5. Install timers to turn on outside lights, particularly the light in your doorway, and a few indoor lamps. Setting timers to turn on your radio or television at random times is a great way to make would-be thieves believe someone’s inside. Just be sure to check all light bulbs and batteries before you leave.
  6. Arrange to have your landscaping continue while you’re away, especially if you’ll be gone for more than a few weeks. Overgrown grass in a neighborhood full of well-manicured lawns is a sure sign that no one is around.
  7. If you have a vehicle that will remain at your home, park it half-way down your driveway to make it appear as if someone is home. This also will keep a burglar from being able to park his own car in your driveway, pretending that he’s supposed to be there. Just be sure to take all valuables out of your car, including GPS systems and stereos.
  8. If you can’t arrange for a house sitter to stay in your home, have a trusted friend or family member check it daily, inside and out.
  9. If your work or other commitments require that you let clients, vendors, etc. know you’ll be unavailable, let them know via your phone or email that you’ll be just that – unavailable, not away. Criminals have been known to hit homes of coworkers who have bragged about upcoming vacations.
  10. If the doors on your home are old or warped, consider purchasing a new door from Dream Doors of Jacksonville. They’re made of metal and two- or three-pane tempered safety glass panels. Burglars would have to make an awful lot of noise to break past them.

Call Dream Doors of Jacksonville at 904-880-7778 or visit our designer showroom in the Mandarin neighborhood to learn more.

Top Color Trends add Style to your Home’s Front Door

The top color trends of 2012 focus on blues, greens and neutrals.

The top color trends for 2012 seem inspired by a lifestyle trend toward minimizing and simplifying to a more holistic, eco-friendly and relaxing mode of living. If you’re looking to boost your home’s curb appeal and resale value, a fresh coat of paint in a hue that communicates these sentiments will help.

This year’s most popular colors primarily fall in to the blues, greens and neutrals categories. Blue-based colors are reminiscent of clean, running water, an element essential to life and good health. They convey a relaxed, refreshed feeling and range from faded denim to 1960s retro turquoise to deep indigo.

Greens, understandably, are popular among eco-conscious homeowners. Drawn from elements of an unspoiled landscape, they range from pale celery greens to funky avocado greens to darker mossy greens. Tone-on-tone layering is popular within this color group, creating sense of depth as if walking into a forest. Combining blue and yellow tones, greens covey a relaxing, purifying feeling.

Neutrals are a hit among those looking to simplify their lives by minimizing their surroundings. This means not only clearing clutter from their homes’ interior, but giving their homes’ exteriors a cleaner, more streamlined and versatile look. But contrary to conventional thinking, neutral need not equate to boring. Layering of neutral tones can create a little subtle drama. Plus, neutrals can be complemented by pops of color in your gardens and entryway decorations.

If it’s time to give your home’s exterior an updated look, call Dream Doors, Jacksonville’s front door specialist. We can give your home’s entryway a beautiful makeover with new colors accented by stylish glass inserts. Shop online or stop by our showroom in Jacksonville’s Mandarin neighborhood.

New Year – New Front Doors! Jacksonville’s Dream Doors Has You Covered

Start the New Year with a new look for your home's front door.

The dawn of a new year brings a sense of renewal and, for most, a list of resolutions designed to help improve one’s health and looks and to make life easier and more enjoyable. These typically focus on one’s body image and financial goals. But what about the home you live in? Extending those resolutions to improve your space allows for psychological and perhaps even financial benefits.

So why not start with your front door? Jacksonville’s Dream Doors shows how a door makeover or a complete door replacement can help give your 2012 a beautiful start.

  1. Energy boost: If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to save money, you’re in luck. Replacing your aging, warped doors with solid new door that boasts a low SHGC and U value can help lower your cooling and heating costs. A door’s U value is the measure of the heat escaping from inside your home to the outside through your doors. Similarly, the SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) refers to the amount of solar heat that passes through a window and into your home. The lower the SHGC and U value, the more energy efficient your home is. That’s why Dream Doors of Jacksonville offers exterior door makeovers featuring beautiful glass inserts with U values of .24 to .38 and SHGCs of .11 to .33.
  2. Curb appeal and value boost: A revamped entry way also can help boost your home’s curb appeal and increase its resale value. Studies show that an attractive front entrance can boost a home’s perceived market value by an average 6.6 percent. So, if better money management is a goal for you in 2012, this is one investment that will pay off nicely.
  3. New look, new outlook: Another goal that tops many a New Year’s resolution list is to improve one’s home or office environment. Clearing out clutter and sprucing up, whether that means a new coat of paint, new or rearranged furniture, or planting a garden, lend feelings of order, ease and reinvigoration. So, turning your drab front door into a dramatic entryway with stunning glass inserts can help give you a positive emotional boost, too.

If you’re ready for a beautiful new look for your home, turn to Dream Doors, Jacksonville’s top provider of door makeovers and door replacements. Call 904-880-7778 or stop by our Mandarin-area showroom today.

Time is Running Out to Land a Tax Credit on Your New Dream Doors, Jacksonville

Energy-efficient upgrades to your home, incluing installing new exterior doors, can land you a tax break if you move quickly.

We know, we know – Holiday shopping has you frazzled. But while you’re busy making your Christmas and New Year’s Eve party plans and getting all your shopping, wrapping and cooking done, don’t slip up and miss out on your energy efficiency tax credits. With all that cash you’re spending on your gift buying list, it’ll be nice to get a break from Uncle Sam next year.

If you move quickly, one of those breaks could be a tax credit of up to $500. Under President Obama’s Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010, homeowners can claim a tax credit for 10 percent of the cost (up to $500) of new, Energy Star-rated exterior doors installed in their primary residences by December 31. Other tax credits included in the program, designed to make America’s homes more energy efficient, are:

  • 10% of the cost of insulation and sealing materials, exterior doors and roofs;
  • 10% of the cost, up to $200, of exterior windows or skylights;
  • Up to $300 for electric heat pump water heaters, electric heat pumps, central air conditioners, biomass stoves and natural gas, propane or oil water heaters;
  • Up to $50 for advanced main air circulating fans; and
  • Up to $150 for natural gas, propane or oil furnace, or hot water boilers.

Remember – Purchases and installations must be completed by December 31 and you must include credit claims with your 2011 federal tax return filings. Government officials have not yet decided whether to extend the tax credits into 2012, so this may be your last chance for money back on your energy upgrades. Visit the EnergyStar website for all the specifics. And call Dream Doors Jacksonville at 904-880-7778 to choose your beautiful new front doors today.

Dream Doors, Indeed – Dream Doors of Jacksonville Shares Cinematic Favorites

Dorothy opens the door from her sepia-toned world to the glories of Technicolor Oz - and filmmaking hasn't been the same since.

In life, in literature and in Hollywood, there are endless symbolic messages implied by doors. Jacksonville’s Dream Doors shares a few of its favorite cinema doorways.

  • The Forbidden Planet (1956): The semi-hexagonal, three-layer doorway (each layer of which opens in a different direction) that separates the colony building from the ancient Krell laboratories is considered one of sci-fi’s most elaborate doors. Symbolically, it may represent the barrier between civilization and barbarism or between self-control and the ungoverned psyche. We just think it’s cool.
  • Pan’s Labyrinth (2006): Oh, if only we all could simply chalk ourselves a doorway through which to escape the troubles of everyday life! In the film, Ofelia draws herself just such a doorway and slips through it, leaving behind the horrors of the Spanish Civil War and an oppressive family life and entering a fantasy world. Unfortunately, the fantastical place she discovers soon bears horrors of its own and Ofelia again turns to her chalked doorway to escape back to reality. One would argue we all have this ability and use it each time we take a break from the rigors of life to enjoy a good book or a great movie.
  • The Wizard of Oz (1939): After the tornado, Dorothy opens the simple wooden door to her small Kansas home. But it ain’t Kansas she sees. Instead, our young heroine walks through the doorway of her sepia-toned world into the glories of Technicolor Oz. Though deep-thinkers equate the doorway as part of the journey to enlightenment, film historians see it as quite the visual introduction of Technicolor and the end of black-and-white filmmaking. Dorothy’s ruby red slippers are the prime validation of that theory. Did you know those slippers were silver in the Frank L. Baum novel that inspired the film?
  • Scooby Doo: Most any dungeon doorway in Scooby-Doo makes our “cool” list. A favorite? The oft-used secret door disguised as a sarcophagus. Creepy-cool at its cartoon best. Oh, yeah – We dig it.
  • Gone With the Wind (1939): We love the Tiffany Glass type door through which Rhett left Scarlet in what endures as one of the iconic Hollywood scenes seven decades after the film’s release. Not only is it one of the most beautiful doors we’ve ever seen, but the doorway is the spot where we see Rhett finally man up to that pretty lil’ tart, who subsequently drapes herself across a stairway and conjures up a little true self confidence of her own. “After all, tomorrow is another day.”

Which are your favorite movie doors, Jacksonville? Leave us a comment on our blog or on the Dream Doors Facebook fan page. And when you’re ready to makeover your entryway into a Hollywood-worthy scene, call Dream Doors of Jacksonville for a gorgeous set of replacement doors.

Investing in a Foreclosure, Jacksonville? Doors Are a Top ROI Booster.

With beautiful new front doors, Jacksonville's foreclosed homes make great investments or starter homes for first-time buyers.

Savvy investors and first-time home buyers increasingly are turning to foreclosed homes in Jacksonville. Doors, windows and other items often need repairing or replacing to make these homes livable and sellable. Because a home’s entryway is one of its top first-impression selling points, you’ll want to make sure yours makes a great showing.

Homes go into foreclosure because owners can’t or won’t make the payments. And if they’re unable or unwilling to make mortgage payments, they’re likely not paying a whole lot of attention to maintaining the home. Thus, foreclosures typically come with lots of work and TLC needed to restore its livability. With a few smart moves, investors and first-time buyers can make a profit or settle into a great starter home without breaking the bank.

The McMansions of the 1990s and early 2000s are far out of fashion today as home buyers seek to downsize and simplify their finances and their lives. They’re looking for smaller, more practical yet attractive abodes. So, rather than pouring thousands of dollars into upgrades, know that spending just a $100 fixing up a half-bath can add $300 to the resale price – a significant ROI percentagewise.

If you’re considering buying a foreclosure, Dream Doors Jacksonville has a few tips. First, tour the neighborhood and any open houses nearby. Introduce yourself to the neighbors and get a feel for what nearby houses for sale are like. If your foreclosure purchase will be an investment property, you’ll want it to stand out from the crowd, but not in an overly extravagant way.

Once you’ve made the purchase, focus your rehab dollars on the bathrooms and kitchens – the top rooms that potential buyers look at. A thorough cleaning and a fresh coat of paint are relatively inexpensive ways to make a room feel brand new. Consider large floor tiles for small rooms and foyers to lend an upscale feel. But opt for less expensive laminate flooring in larger rooms.

Put a beautiful finishing touch on your new home or investment home with a door makeover by Dream Doors, Jacksonville’s door specialists. A recent national study concluded that an attractive front entrance can boost a home’s curb appeal and increase its perceived market value by an average 6.6 percent – an average equal value of as much as five times the cost of the doors themselves. Now, that’s a great ROI.

Call Dream Doors at 904-880-7778 or stop by our Mandarin area showroom to choose your home’s new entryway today.

Dream Doors Jacksonville Decorates with Hurricane Impact Glass

Dream Doors of Jacksonville uses only high-quality hurricane impact glass that's both effective and attractive.

Love the look of decorative glass inserts but concerned about safety in a hurricane zone? Don’t give it a second thought. Dream Doors Jacksonville uses only the highest quality hurricane impact glass to give your home’s front entry way a beautiful, durable and safe makeover.

The 2011 Atlantic hurricane season runs through November 30 and Florida certainly gets its fair share of the rough winds and heavy rains that come with any tropical storm or hurricane blowing by. Today’s Florida building codes require one of three systems when installing or replacing complete door units in homes located within the 120-MPH wind zone (roughly east of US 1 and/or A1A). One option is installing state-approved hurricane shutters. However, these can be unsightly and costly. Another option is providing pre-cut plywood that can be screwed over the door opening – an impractical solution because the plywood must be stored until needed, takes up space in the homeowners’ storage areas and often are forgotten or misplaced by the time hurricane season comes around.

The third option is installing hurricane impact glass – a solution that’s effective, economical and beautiful. Dream Doors of Jacksonville is a licensed Certified Building Contractor (CBC1255285) and our products are Florida approval rated to satisfy the most recent changes to the State of Florida Building Codes for hurricane compliance. Plus, we ensure your door makeover is properly permitted as required for any new door installation or renovation. Call us today at 904-880-7778 or stop by our Mandarin showroom to choose your new door complete with gorgeous hurricane impact glass inserts.

Turn a Drab Door into a Dream Door with Simple Entryway Makeover Tips

Your home's entryway should be an extension of its interior. Dream Doors of Jacksonville can help with your front door makeover.

Just like a smile or a frown on your face, your front door makes a definite first impression. Dream Doors of Jacksonville specializes in making sure that your home’s first impression is a pleasant one.

What do visitors think when they see your front door, Jacksonville? If your door is worn, the paint faded, your entry way dark and empty, your visitors likely get a sense that your home is uninviting and perhaps unkempt. After all, the exterior of a home typically mirrors, to some degree, its interior. You may have the most stylish and immaculate interior, but if your home’s entry way doesn’t live up to the same standard, it can prove a disappointing welcome to your guests.

Dream Doors of Jacksonville offers these tips on giving your front door a warm, welcoming feel:

Add some color: What color is your front door, Jacksonville? And what does it say about you and your home? The color you choose can be an indication of your personality and your home’s character and sets the standard for all other entryway decorating decisions. A stately black or blue, traditional white, cheerful yellow, dramatic red, regal purple or eclectic orange can help set the tone that you want your home to convey. Just make sure that the color you choose complements your home’s exterior and trim.

Do a little decorating: Look at your front door entryway as an extension of your home’s interior or even an outdoor foyer. Most front doors lead into the home’s living room or family room. Does your family room have a traditional look? Extend that theme to your entryway with deep hues, brass or antiqued fixtures, shutters and flowerboxes. Is your home’s interior more contemporary? Matte colors, clean lines and planters with sleek shapes will give your visitors a hint of what to expect when they enter your home.

Glam it up (or tone it down): Doorknobs and handles, door knockers, kick plates, house numbers and mailboxes all offer an opportunity to add a little bling to your home’s entryway. Brass or wrought iron beautifully accentuates a traditional style. A casual bungalow or rustic cabin style home entryway calls for simple pewter or unfinished wooden accessories such as planters, flower boxes, mail and message boxes and other decorative pieces. Sleek metal, brushed nickel or glass fixtures give your entryway a clean, contemporary look.

Know How to Spot Warped Doors, Jacksonville?

They’re tricky to spot and not always repairable. If you’ve got warped doors, Jacksonville’s Dream Doors can help.

Well, it's pretty easy to see that this door is warped. But it's not always easy to spot a less severely warped door at your home or building.

Warped doors, also referred to as twisted doors, are most easily spotted when toe door is closed. The tell-tale sign is one corner of the door being flush with the door jamb while the opposite corner sticks away from the jamb. But that tell-tale sign can be a tricky one, too. That’s because the corner of the door that is sticking away from the door jamb may not be part of the warped door.

To pinpoint which door is the warped culprit, open it and place a four-foot level along the latch stile (the vertical edge of the door that includes the latch). If the level is off, your door likely is warped.

If a door is only slightly warped, some will attempt to straighten it out by placing a foot on the bottom corner of the door and pulling the top corner of the door in the opposite direction of the warp. Trouble is, this can loosen the rail and stile joints on your door, particularly if it’s a wooden door. A much more effective repair option is to remove the door stop and reinstall it to better match the profile of the door.

Of course, there may be no repair to a more severely warped door. Jacksonville’s Dream Doors can not only replace your warped exterior door, but expand your doorway, adding beautiful glass sidelights. If you’re in the market for a new doorway, browse our online selection including our Specials & Closeouts section where you’ll find gorgeous decorative door glass. Some are special volume purchases, manufacturers’ closeouts and discontinued items – all available at incredible low prices.

Don’t let a warped door warp your home’s overall look and perceived value. Browse our online store or stop by Dream Doors’ Jacksonville showroom in the Mandarin area.

Dream Doors Testimonials

When we purchased our home there was an ugly set of builder grade sliding glass doors leading to the patio. Mike and the Dream Doors team came out and installed a beautiful set of French doors with a transom glass above. It completely transformed our home and gave it a nice modern look.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
5 / 5 stars

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