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Do You Know Your Door Acronyms?

Roman Empire Doorway

The abbreviation of words to form an acronym dates back to antiquity. Early Roman Empire doorways were adorned with the abbreviation of SPQR for Senatus Populusque Romanus. Although the process of creating acronyms went unstudied for centuries, many usage commentators credit governments and businesses as the launching pad for modern-day initialism.

Like every other business, the door industry has shortened, truncated and abbreviated many of the common terms used in manufacturing, marketing and selling of their products. Listed below are examples of common door abbreviations and acronyms:

  • AL – Aluminum
  • DBL – Double
  • FG – Full Glass
  • HG – Half Glass
  • HM – Hollow Metal
  • IG – Insulated Glaze (Double-Paned)
  • LH – Left Hand
  • SC – Solid Core
  • DR – Door
  • EXT – Exterior
  • HC – Hollow Core
  • HW – Hardware
  • INT – Interior
  • RH – Right Hand
  • SG – Single-Glazed (Single-Paned)
  • WD – Wood


Since there are no rules in place to mandate how word expansions are to be pronounced, some are enunciated as whole words, e.g. K9 or canine, while others are verbalized by the abbreviated letters, e.g. FBI or F-B-I.

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