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Turn a Drab Door into a Dream Door with Simple Entryway Makeover Tips

Your home's entryway should be an extension of its interior. Dream Doors of Jacksonville can help with your front door makeover.

Just like a smile or a frown on your face, your front door makes a definite first impression. Dream Doors of Jacksonville specializes in making sure that your home’s first impression is a pleasant one.

What do visitors think when they see your front door, Jacksonville? If your door is worn, the paint faded, your entry way dark and empty, your visitors likely get a sense that your home is uninviting and perhaps unkempt. After all, the exterior of a home typically mirrors, to some degree, its interior. You may have the most stylish and immaculate interior, but if your home’s entry way doesn’t live up to the same standard, it can prove a disappointing welcome to your guests.

Dream Doors of Jacksonville offers these tips on giving your front door a warm, welcoming feel:

Add some color: What color is your front door, Jacksonville? And what does it say about you and your home? The color you choose can be an indication of your personality and your home’s character and sets the standard for all other entryway decorating decisions. A stately black or blue, traditional white, cheerful yellow, dramatic red, regal purple or eclectic orange can help set the tone that you want your home to convey. Just make sure that the color you choose complements your home’s exterior and trim.

Do a little decorating: Look at your front door entryway as an extension of your home’s interior or even an outdoor foyer. Most front doors lead into the home’s living room or family room. Does your family room have a traditional look? Extend that theme to your entryway with deep hues, brass or antiqued fixtures, shutters and flowerboxes. Is your home’s interior more contemporary? Matte colors, clean lines and planters with sleek shapes will give your visitors a hint of what to expect when they enter your home.

Glam it up (or tone it down): Doorknobs and handles, door knockers, kick plates, house numbers and mailboxes all offer an opportunity to add a little bling to your home’s entryway. Brass or wrought iron beautifully accentuates a traditional style. A casual bungalow or rustic cabin style home entryway calls for simple pewter or unfinished wooden accessories such as planters, flower boxes, mail and message boxes and other decorative pieces. Sleek metal, brushed nickel or glass fixtures give your entryway a clean, contemporary look.

Dream Doors Testimonials

Thank you to the professional staff at Dream Doors. I showed them a copy on my plans for my new addition and they new exactly how to make them fit in with our new design. Most people really love the beauty of the doors, but I love the thing you can't see about these beautiful doors. What I am talking about is all of the safety features incorporated into the design and build of each door. These doors with the unbreakable glass will send intruders along their way without any of your belongings. These doors keep my family and house safe. I love my Dream Doors. You should give the professionals at Dream Doors the opportunity to make your house both beautiful and safe. Thanks again, Dream Doors.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
5 / 5 stars

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