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Looking to Lower Utility Costs, Jacksonville? Doors’ U-Values Can Help.

These days, everyone is looking for ways to lower bills. If you want to rein in your heating and cooling costs, start with your front door, Jacksonville. Doors that are old, worn or incorrectly installed can be major culprits when it comes to heat or cool air escaping from your home and flowing outside, running up your air conditioning costs. But a high quality, expertly installed exterior door with a low SHCG and U-values can help keep your home warm in the winter and cool during the summer.

Parents are always reminding kids to close the door behind them. But if your door has a poor SHGC or U-value, you might as well leave it open.

Chances are, your dad used to say the same thing ours did when we ran out the front door to play and failed to close it behind us: “I ain’t air conditioning the whole dang neighborhood!” But even when closed, a door with a poor SHCG or U value can cost you. The U value is measure of the heat escaping from inside your home to the outside through your doors. SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) is a measure of the amount of solar heat that passes through a window into your home. For both, the lower the number, the more energy efficient your home is.

Dream Doors of Jacksonville specializes in top-quality, beautiful new exterior doors and door makeovers that not only boost the curb appeal and resale value of your home, but help make your home more energy efficient and less expensive to heat and cool as well, Jacksonville. Doors by Dream Doors feature stunning glass inserts that add a touch of glamour to your home. And each boasts a U value .24 to .38 and SHGC of .11 to .33.

In a hot climate like Jacksonville, doors that help keep the sun’s heat outside and the AC’s cool air inside are hot commodities. But even the best door is only as good as its installation. An incorrectly installed or poorly fitted door can leave small gaps between the door and the door frame. In an average home, these small gaps around doors and windows are comparable to a gaping nine-square foot hole, energy experts say. Eliminating them can save homeowners up to 10 percent on heating and air conditioning costs.

At Dream Doors, we’ve got a wide selection of doors and glass inserts to choose from, plus a staff of expertly trained professionals who will make sure your new door is installed correctly. Stop by our Mandarin-area showroom or contact us at (904) 880-7778 or via our online email form to find out more.

What Color Will You Paint Your New Doors, Jacksonville? Your Choice Says a Lot.

Are you looking to add new exterior doors or spruce up your existing doors? Jacksonville’s Dream Doors can help create a gorgeous new entryway to your home, complete with stunning decorative glass inserts and a brand new paint job. In fact, right now, we’re offering a Valentine’s Day special: Free painting with the purchase of any complete door replacement – a $600 value.

Chinese homeowners paint their doors red for good luck at the start of a new year, but in Scotland, red means the mortgage is paid off!

So, what color will you choose for your doors? Jacksonville-area residents are a creative bunch, so we see doors of all sorts of colors. But you may be surprised to learn just what message your color choice conveys. Not only is it a reflection of your personality, but in certain cultures, a door color can speak something very specific.

Feng Shui followers say that a red door creates a welcoming energy in your home and “colorology” suggests that a person who chooses a red door likely is a brave, passionate and brutally honest person type who is tough to please. In China, homeowners are said to paint their doors red at the start of a new year for good luck. For some Christian denominations, a red door hearkens to the Old Testament story wherein Jewish slaves held captive in Egypt were instructed by God to mark their doors with the blood of a sheep to ward off the Angel of Death. Perhaps taking a cue from that same story, Irish homeowners believe that a red door wards off ghosts and evil spirits. For early American settlers, a red door signified a place where they could find hospitality and a place to stay the night. And in Scotland, homeowners who have paid off their mortgage celebrate by splashing their doors a rich, bright red.

It seems that a red door holds the most varied messages. But other colors have something to say as well. A blue door is reminiscent of water, so it carries a sense of calm, Feng Shui followers say. Similarly, blue has long been considered a color that conveys strength, security and reliability. That’s why it’s the color of choice for business leaders and policemen. Similarly, a black door signifies elegance, influence and consistency.

Green signified wealth and growth in many cultures, so painting one’s door green signifies that someone has either gained wealth or hopes that the color will draw wealth to them. If you choose an orange door, you’re likely the adventurous type, and a purple door says that you are eclectic, extravagant and love the luxurious life.

No matter what color you choose, Dream Doors of Jacksonville can help you create a look that perfectly complements your home and your personality. And if you purchase a new door replacement by February 28, 2011 we’ll paint it for free. Call 904-880-7778 or stop by our showroom at 5220 Shad Road in Jacksonville’s Mandarin neighborhood.

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Our front door and side panels are beautiful. We have had them for about 8 years and the still wonderful. We had them come back out and add the security reinforcement and they did a great job of protecting the surrounding woodwork. Very happy!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
5 / 5 stars

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