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Free lunches?

Let me start out by saying, doors can be expensive to purchase and install. If you do not make a wise purchasing decision, they can also be expensive to maintain. Therefore, it makes sense to be an informed buyer when purchasing doors and look beyond just cost. Value is not always found at the lowest purchase price.

The doors and door glass on display in our showroom are plentiful and beautiful to look at. We believe you should be able to shop and make evaluations about a product in the most natural settings. We never suggest people buy from a catalog, because the actual products always look different that those found in catalogs or brochures. We encourage people to look, touch and feel the exact products they select.

Some folks try to compare our quality products with builder grade products such as those found at Home Depot and Lowe’s. Those folks do a very good overall job with many different items. However, for the most part, their products are built for the do-it-yourself- market. This means they are competing with the other big box retailers, and quality takes a back seat to price. A product can only be reduced in price so far before affecting the overall quality.

Well meaning consumers, not very experienced at purchasing doors, may look in the big box stores and assume all doors are essentially the same. In fact, many times they will see a door set in the aisle at a big box store that has an especially low price. It may look somewhat appealing, but the price is even more appealing. That becomes the price standard, making it difficult to absorb the pricing structure of true quality doors.

Once a price becomes fixed in someone’s mind as the benchmark, it can be difficult for them to expect to pay more. Here are the questions one must ask before affixing to memory the low price as seen on the loss leader door stuck in the main aisle at your local big box retailer. Will that price include:

  1. Installation?
  2. Permit fee?
  3. Interior trim molding?
  4. Exterior trim molding?
  5. Caulk, shim packs and drops?
  6. Painting or staining?
  7. Locksets?
  8. Special order if you need extra wide jambs?
  9. Special order if you need a different profile threshold?
  10. Modifications to the door opening and/or the door unit itself?
  11. Lifetime warranty?
  12. Sidelights if needed?

Most folks find that, once those questions are answered, and a true picture of apples to apples comparisons are made, the inexpensive door units from the big box stores simply don’t offer the value of a quality door unit offered by a professional door company.

As the saying goes, there are no free lunches.

Buyers Beware

As a general rule, if an installed product permanently attaches to your home, and would not be taken with you should you sell the house and move, you should not pay sales tax on that installed product.

 Some contractors take advantage of customers by charging and pocketing the sales tax as additional profit to them.

 We have provided a portion of statute 12A-1.051 so that you, as a consumer, can be informed of the law. The complete law is printed in its entirety and can be downloaded from the “FREE Information Guide” located on the Dream Doors website.

Statute 12A-1.051

  (4) General rule of taxability of real property contractors. Contractors are the ultimate consumers of materials and supplies they use to perform real property contracts and must pay tax on their costs of those materials and supplies.

 Contractors performing only contracts described in paragraphs (3)(a), (b), (c), or (e) do not resell the tangible personal property used to the real property owner but instead use the property themselves to provide the completed real property improvement.

 Such contractors should pay tax to their suppliers on all purchases. They should also pay tax on all materials they fabricate for their own use in performing such contracts, as discussed in subsection (10). They should charge no tax to their customers, regardless of whether they itemize charges for materials and labor in their proposals or invoices, because they are not engaged in selling tangible personal property.

 Such contractors should not register as dealers unless they are required to remit tax on the fabricated cost of items they fabricate to use in performing contracts.

 (5) Rule for (3) (d) contractors. Contractors who perform retail sale plus installation contracts described in paragraph (3) (d) do sell tangible personal property. They should register as dealers and provide a copy of their Annual Resale Certificate (Form DR-13)

 We believe at Dream Doors that an informed consumer is a wise consumer. The old adage of ‘buyers beware’ holds especially true when dealing with contractors who install products into a home. Listed below are a series of questions that may be helpful to you in finding a legitimate contractor:

1.       Do you hold the proper licenses?

Just asking the question may not be enough. A contractor may legitimately claim to be licensed, but is it the proper one? Businesses can obtain an occupational license, yet not possess a contractor’s license needed for pulling permits. Ask to see a copy of their license, making a note exactly what type license they have. Check with the city or county to see if the license is sufficient for the type work they are proposing.

2.       Do you have workers compensation insurance, general liability insurance and proper commercial vehicle insurance?

Again, an affirmative answer may not be enough. Be specific, such as how much general liability coverage does the contractor have? If they answer 300k, and your home is worth 500k, the coverage may not be sufficient if the contractor is proven responsible for damages that exceed that amount.

3.       Is your products Florida approval rated to meet the Florida building codes, especially for those areas requiring hurricane impact glass? Does your product qualify for the Federal Energy Tax credit?

Documentation is the key. Ask for written proof showing that the product(s) you have chosen do in fact meet Florida product approvals. Ask for a copy of the manufacturer’s certification that qualifies their product for the Energy Tax credit.

 As Ronald Reagan once said, trust but verify. The more documentation you can verify, the more likely are your chances of receiving all that you bargained for.

Which kinds of doors are better?

Things to look for in a door

It may surprise you learn that all doors are not made the same. There are different grades of doors, and different price points. Here are some facts good to know as you shop for doors.

•Wood doors
Wood doors come in two basic grades, expensive and inexpensive. Expensive doors will look expensive. Expensive wood doors are made usually of oak, mahogany, alder or maybe even pine or cherry. Inexpensive doors are usually made of fir, birch, some pine or a foreign species you may never have heard of before. Expensive doors will cost thousands; inexpensive wood doors will cost hundreds. Wood doors of any species or cost will require more maintenance and upkeep than comparable steel or fiberglass doors. However, if you choose to have a door with a stained finish, wood is still the best option you have.

•Steel doors
Steel doors were popular for many years due to their low cost. Most people assume steel doors are more secure, when in fact, they are less secure than wood or fiberglass doors. Steel doors should be considered ONLY when price is a real issue. Initial purchase price is the only real advantage steel doors have; in the long run, they are the most expensive to own. The reasons for this are multiple. Steel doors conduct heat and cold, which means your house is hotter in the summer, colder in the winter. This drives up energy costs, and in fact, some steel doors with a direct sun exposure may get hot enough to cause skin burns! Steel doors also get dented easily, making them look old and ugly before their usefulness is up. Steel doors also rust, sometimes from the inside out. When this happens, replacement is imminent.

•Fiberglass doors
Fiberglass is generally assumed by the industry to be the best choice for a door material if low maintenance and cost of ownership is important. Fiberglass has the advantage of providing lower energy costs due to the fact they do not conduct heat and cold well. This means the heating and air-conditioning stays inside the house where you want it, does not transfer to the outside of the house where you do not want it.

Fiberglass can be stained or painted. If staining, a textured fiberglass door slab should be specified. If painting, you may select between a textured door slab, and a smooth skin door slab. Should you choose to stain your textured fiberglass door, please consider a professional finisher who is experienced in staining fiberglass. This is not the time to try a do-it-yourself project if it’s your first time staining fiberglass! Be aware there are differences in quality of fiberglass door slabs. Some fiberglass doors offer fiberglass door slabs with wood around the four outer edges (sides, top and bottom). These doors WILL rot out along the edges, and termites have even been found in some. Always look for a fiberglass door, which has fiberglass on all six (6) sides of the door slab.

If you are still not sure which type door is best suited for you, locate a dealer you can trust who will give you information based on their experiences. Most professionals are eager to help you achieve the door of your dreams!

Are Glass Doors Safe? Jacksonville’s Dream Doors says “Yes”

It’s a question we get asked often – Are glass doors safe? Jacksonville area residents want to be sure their homes are secure and their families are safe from harm. For many homeowners, the idea of nothing but glass between them and a potential intruder or peeping tom seems a bit troubling. But we can assure you that the glass on your table top, and even the glass in your windows is not the same as the glass used in beautiful door makeover by Dream Doors of Jacksonville.

Dream Doors of Jacksonville's glass doors are beautiful and safe.

All of Dream Doors’ glass doors have at least two panes of glass thickness and most of them have three. The two outer panes are tempered safety glass, which means they’ve been evenly heated, then cooled by cold air during manufacturing. This convection process gives the glass increased strength against mechanical and thermal stress. While these glass panes can be broken, it takes much more effort and makes much more noise than your average crook is willing to spend. After all, discretion is a crook’s MO and the exertion needed to break through a Dream Doors glass door would certainly attract attention.

Another concern is whether passersby can see through your glass doors. Jacksonville-based Dream Doors’ glass doors are designed with varying degrees of obscurity. Still, even the clearest of our glass doors features designs that obscure the vision. Passersby may see only a blurred shape at best. Many of our designs make it near impossible even to determine whether anyone is inside your home. Plus, you can make it even more difficult for people to see through your glass doors at night by installing a motion detector to activate your porch light when someone approaches your door.

Dream Doors of Jacksonville also provides a 10-year warranty on decorative door glass and between-the-glass blinds. If your glass or frame fails anytime within the ten-year period, we will replace the unit at no charge. You’ll pay only a change out fee after the first year. For beautiful glass doors that boost your home’s value while keeping your family secure, visit Dream Doors’ Jacksonville showroom or browse our products online. For more information, reach us at 904-880-7778.

Dream Doors Testimonials

Thank you to the professional staff at Dream Doors. I showed them a copy on my plans for my new addition and they new exactly how to make them fit in with our new design. Most people really love the beauty of the doors, but I love the thing you can't see about these beautiful doors. What I am talking about is all of the safety features incorporated into the design and build of each door. These doors with the unbreakable glass will send intruders along their way without any of your belongings. These doors keep my family and house safe. I love my Dream Doors. You should give the professionals at Dream Doors the opportunity to make your house both beautiful and safe. Thanks again, Dream Doors.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
5 / 5 stars

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