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Reasons Why You Should Use a Door Professional

Professional Door Installation

Because your front door gets the most attention from the street, it is considered to be one of the top-ranked remodeling projects for any homeowner looking to increase their home’s value and street appeal. After all, it is the first impression that ushers people into your home. But, many homeowners make the mistake of tackling an upgrade of their entrance doors thinking this will save money. In most cases, replacing an exterior door system is not an easy DIY task and the potential savings are lost due a lack of experience in properly fitting, installing and sealing a new entranceway. It is often critical to the outcome that the installer is knowledgeable of materials, fasteners and the best installation techniques.

Why should you consider dream doors for your remodeling project? At Dream Doors, we:

  • Have Been Installing Doors for 35 Years Plus
  • Measure Your Opening Accurately for Jamb Size
  • Uses the Best Build Techniques
  • Use the Very Best Door Components Available
  • Build Energy Star Rated Doors and Glass
  • Meet Federal Guidelines for Solar Heat Gain Coefficient and U-Factor
  • Assemble Doors in Our Own Shop by Hand
  • Build the Door Unit to Fit Exact Opening
  • Use Milled Aluminum Thresholds with Vinyl Inserts
  • Install Q-lon Nylon Weather Stripping
  • Use High Quality Emtek Ball Bearing Hinges
  • Use Vinyl Jambs for Higher Degree of Security
  • Assemble Door Unit by Screwing the Jambs Together
  • Build Door Reveal Tolerance to Approximately 1/8th Inch
  • Install Decorative Glass for Extreme Door Makeover
  • Provides Highest Quality of Customer Service
  • Is a Certified Building Contractor (CBC1255285)
  • Meet State of Florida Hurricane Compliance Building Codes

Since conditioned air is generally lost through air leaks around the door, not through the door itself, proper installation is crucial if you’re looking to add to the energy-efficiency of your home. In addition, a poorly-fitted door often lacks security and may allow someone to easily break into your home. Our door specialists can advice you as to which doors will best suit your needs and your budget; and our installers take the guesswork out of door replacements and new installations. Let Dream Doors make your door remodeling projects easy. For clear answers to all your questions, give us a call at (904) 880-7778 to speak directly with an experienced service representative.

NOTE:  When you think GREEN, think Dream Doors™. We recycle all used wood doors removed at installation by cutting the rails and styles from the old doors. These rails and styles are used in a sustainable manner for the remanufacture of new doors. 

Do You Know Your Door Acronyms?

Roman Empire Doorway

The abbreviation of words to form an acronym dates back to antiquity. Early Roman Empire doorways were adorned with the abbreviation of SPQR for Senatus Populusque Romanus. Although the process of creating acronyms went unstudied for centuries, many usage commentators credit governments and businesses as the launching pad for modern-day initialism.

Like every other business, the door industry has shortened, truncated and abbreviated many of the common terms used in manufacturing, marketing and selling of their products. Listed below are examples of common door abbreviations and acronyms:

  • AL – Aluminum
  • DBL – Double
  • FG – Full Glass
  • HG – Half Glass
  • HM – Hollow Metal
  • IG – Insulated Glaze (Double-Paned)
  • LH – Left Hand
  • SC – Solid Core
  • DR – Door
  • EXT – Exterior
  • HC – Hollow Core
  • HW – Hardware
  • INT – Interior
  • RH – Right Hand
  • SG – Single-Glazed (Single-Paned)
  • WD – Wood


Since there are no rules in place to mandate how word expansions are to be pronounced, some are enunciated as whole words, e.g. K9 or canine, while others are verbalized by the abbreviated letters, e.g. FBI or F-B-I.

If it is about time to refresh the look of your entrance ways, Dream Doors pioneered the concept of installing decorative glass into your current door to give any home a stellar new look without the expense of replacing the existing door. On the other hand, if it is time to replace the exterior doors in your home, we build and install new decorative doors for a custom fit and finish. Visit our showroom at 5220 Shad Road in Jacksonville FL or give us a call at (904) 880-7778 to speak directly with a door specialist.

Thinking About Boarding Up to Save on Your Energy Bill?

Boarded Up Exterior Door

There is a misconception among many homeowners that solid wood doors are the best option for keeping out the summer heat and winter chill. Although wood doors would seem solid enough to get the job done, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, insulated steel and fiberglass doors are more energy efficient. That said there are numerous variables that also affect your indoor comfort and the size of your monthly utility bill. For example, your home’s exterior doors can be a significant source of air leakage. Improperly installed or improperly sealed doors constructed from any material can allow unwanted air in and conditioned air out.

Patio doors, especially sliding glass doors, pass much more heat than other types of doors because glass is a very poor insulator. If you are considering replacing a standard sliding door, you don’t have to give up the view. Dream Doors can install beautiful patio doors with excellent energy performance ratings based on your local climate and your home’s design. A lot has to do with how much your exterior doors, especially glass components, are exposed to Mother Nature. Homeowners often opt for storm doors with glass inserts that can actually increase the heat trapped between the two doors.

ENERGY STAR is a government program that helps consumers save money on energy costs and protect the environment through superior energy efficiency. At Dream Doors, all doors and glass we use are Energy Star rated and meet federal guidelines for Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) and U-Factor. Some of our glass designs contain Low-E glass, which has an invisible metallic coating that helps to block heat flow. In addition, we recycle all used wood doors removed at the job site by cutting the rails and styles from the old doors. These materials are repurposed and used in the remanufacture of new wood doors.

It is important that you consider all the variables before you jump ship on your existing doors. Exposure to the elements, the condition of your weatherstripping, the materials used to manufacture the door and the quality of installation all play an important role. Give us a call at 904.880.7778 for assistance in determining your best option for improving the energy efficiency in your home. After all, we dream in Green!

Front Door Remodeling is a Value-Centric Upgrade

Value-Centric Front Door

Have you been planning to remodel the entryway to your home? Well don’t let the cost surprise you. Replacing that old door with a brand new one can be expensive. However, with an instant cost-to-value ratio up to 90%, your investment in new door is one of the best home improvement projects for those on a budget. Whether your goal is to improve curb appeal in order to sell the property or you have just grown tired of coming home to the same old exterior, we have a better option that can save you money. Why not consider a Door Makeover from Dream Doors™.  It’s as easy as 1, 2 and we’re done. Just visit the “Qualify Your Door” section of this website to learn more.

Dream Doors™ is a licensed Certified Building Contractor that has been installing doors since 1981. If your home’s entrance way needs more than a new coat of paint or a change of color, it may be time to consider a makeover with decorative glass. In the past, homeowners often chose solid wood, steel or fiberglass doors for safety and security. But, that was then. Today’s glass doors have at least two panes of glass thickness (most have three panes) and the two outside panes are tempered safety glass. With improvements in design and building materials, Dream Doors™ products meet or exceed building codes for 120 mph winds and meet the state’s standards for hurricane compliance.

For your door renovation, our goal is to help you determine the best value possible for your project. If you’re pressed for time to get a home listed for sale, just follow the simple steps to qualify your door, select the glass panels from our online showroom and we will have our professional installers complete the renovation in about hour. If your front entrance needs a little more attention, we can build a custom door of your choice in about three weeks. This can include projects like replacing double doors with a single door and two sidelights. For installations where you need to allow more light, but don’t want to give up your privacy, we have glass options with numerous levels of obscurity.

To get started today, use your phone to take a picture of your door. Then stop by our beautiful showroom at 5220 Shad Road in Jacksonville FL, or give us a call at 904-880-7778 to speak with our specialist.

2017 Remodeling Expo Returns to Jacksonville

Home Improvement Expo

If you haven’t made plans for the last weekend of May, consider heading to the Jacksonville Fairgrounds Expo Center. The 2017 Remodeling Expo will be in full swing starting Friday May 26th and running through Monday the 29th. North Florida’s leading remodelers, designers, and builders will be on display complete with new ideas to improve your home.

This event comes highly recommended because guests have the opportunity to speak directly with experts on nearly every subject of home improvement. These professionals are ready and willing to give advice and inspiration for your next big project. There are also wall-to-wall exhibits and displays, sure to be fun for the whole family.

Admission to the event is completely free. The hours are Friday 2pm to 7pm, Saturday and Sunday noon to 7pm, and Monday noon to 5pm. The Jacksonville Fairgrounds Expo Center is located at 510 Fairground Place, two blocks northeast of Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena. Exterior to interior, nothing is off limits and you’re sure to find new ideas to transform your home into your dream home. To receive your free ticket visit this link which includes all show times and information.

Once you leave the show with your new ideas in hand, give Dream Doors a call. The last thing you want to do is make a major improvement to your home but leave a lack-luster door as the focal point. Whether you want to upgrade your door with decorative glass inserts or install a completely new door, Dream Doors can help.

Do You Have a Boring Front Door?

Boring Front Doors

Add New Life with Decorative Glass from Dream Doors

There’s truly no better time than spring to update the look of your home. The simplest way most people approach this is with a nice coat of paint, usually in a strong color to accent the features of the home. But did you know that a simple change to your glass can make a larger impact while increasing your home’s value?

You may love your home and never dream of leaving, but the day may come soon when you decide it is time to downsize, upsize or just try something new. When that day comes a simple coat of paint may not be enough to bring in the offers you want on your home. At Dream Doors our team specializes in completing a decorative glass makeover in about 1 hour! It is as simple as you choosing the perfect style of glass for your door, meeting with our installers, and having the entire process complete, sealed, and ready to go in about an hour.

Though we can turn around a project in record time, you’ll definitely want to take the time up front to plan the right look for your door. Start by taking a drive through your neighborhood and a few surrounding ones. Look at the doors installed on nearby homes and get some ideas for your home. When you get back to your house, walk out to the road and decide which style and colors will work best with the rest of your house. Then visit our glass designs page to find the perfect style for you. Many of our customers love the Embassy style which brings a classic elegance to your entry. More modern homes going for a bold look often choose Entropy, which combines straight and curved lines for a powerful statement.

Now that spring has sprung, take a few minutes to plan how you want your home to look for the rest of the year. Stop by our showroom, speak with our experts, and see how beautiful your front door can look with a new glass insert.

Common Questions About Glass Doors

Beautiful Glass Entrance Doors

When you’ve installed over 10,000 decorative glass doors, you hear a lot of the same questions from home owners. Most concerns are around the glass itself, usually involving security and privacy. When it comes to security, people almost always ask if their front entry will be less secure after the glass is installed. Their fear is that anyone can easily break the glass and walk right into the home. This is nothing to worry about. The glass used in our decorative doors is usually three panes thick. The two exterior panes are tempered safety glass. This takes a lot of effort to break through and will also make a lot of noise if someone tries it. Usually people attempting to break into a home want to do so as quietly as possible and in a less obvious location.

When it comes to privacy, the number one concern is a passersby seeing right into the home. All of the glass used in front entry doors will have some level of obscurity, even extremely clear glass. Most decorative glass manufacturers accomplish this with an opaque design or some level of “wavering.” Think of this effect as that seen in the window of a bathroom but to a lesser degree. Neighbors strolling down the sidewalk will not be able to see directly into your home. At night it is obviously much easier to see into a home through the glass since it is dark outside and light inside. We highly recommend installing a motion detector on the outside porch light. This will illuminate the front of the doorway making it more difficult to see inside.

The final question we often get has to do with the warranty backing this investment. All of our glass doors have a 10-year warranty on the glass and a warranty on the labor for the first year. This warranty is not prorated and comes with the hassle-free customer service we’ve become known for.

We hope we’ve answered some of the concerns you may have about revitalizing your front door with decorative glass. Should you have any additional questions, feel free to call us at 904-880-7788 and we’ll be happy to answer them.

Can I Have Glass In My Fiberglass Door?

Glass Upgrade Fiberglass Door

One of the most common questions we asked is “can glass be added to my fiberglass front door?” Most people asking this are under the impression that decorative glass inserts can only be installed on metal or wood front doors. However, this is simply not the case.

Simply put, yes, many of the glass designs you see in wood and metal doors can also be added to fiberglass doors. The process is relatively the same, but should be done by a professional. Fiberglass doors are typically one solid piece, stamped out of a mold. To insert glass into this type of door, a portion of the design will be completely removed to make space for the glass. This is typically cut along the design lines so as to look more natural and original to the door.

When installed correctly, a decorative glass insert is just as secure as the solid door was before installation. Each piece of glass is specially designed and ordered to fit your door and the cut out section. This glass is also energy efficient and won’t lead to soaring electric bills.

While our most popular insert designs are oval or round, this shape doesn’t work well with every door design. Lucky for you there is a wide range of square, rectangle, and even triangular decorative glass shapes which can be installed in your door. If you haven’t had a chance yet, visit our showroom on Shad Road in Jacksonville. We’re open Monday through Friday 10 to 6 and on Saturday from 10 to 4. Our team is always available to answer your questions and set up a consultation at your home.

Whether you visit us in person or send your request via email, be sure to have a few photos of your door handy along with some of your design ideas. This will ensure we find the right match for your home and have you walking away as another satisfied Dream Doors customer.

Patio Doors: Sliding vs. French

French Patio Doors

When choosing a new back door for your patio the two most common options people decide between are sliding glass or French doors. Each style of doors has its pros and cons. We’ll review them here to help you make an informed decision.

Sliding Glass Patio Doors: A very popular choice in most Jacksonville homes, the biggest benefit of these doors is that they are a space-saver. Unlike a French door which opens inside or outside of your home, the sliding glass door stays along the frame of the wall and never gets in your way. Many higher-end models even feature built-in blinds providing instant privacy. Sliding glass doors are also far less expensive than French patio doors. The downside here is a lack of style choices. Many homes with a more classic style will not look as nice with a sliding glass door installed.

French Patio Doors: Providing a beautiful, classic look, French patio doors are an elegant addition to most home designs. They have two big advantages over sliding glass doors. First of all, with the option to open both doors, moving furniture in and out of the home is far easier. Plus if you have a screened in patio, opening both doors instantly expands your living space when entertaining company. Their other big advantage is a lower threshold as they lack a track to slide on. This is great for people who may trip over a track. The biggest drawback of French doors is the amount of space they take to open and close. This makes them a better choice for larger houses. Also remember, as they work similarly to standard doors, they are more susceptible to shifting as your foundation settles.

At the end of the day the decision will come down to personal preference, budget, and what is sensible for your home layout.

Famous Entrances thru Historical Doors

Door at Number Ten Downing Street

Doors are more than simple entrances into our homes and businesses; they are often a statement of what will be found beyond the door. Today we look at some of the famous historical doors from around the world.

At the heart of the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. is its famous Rotunda, instantly recognizable to every American. What many may not recognize are the equally famous doors, which open into the Rotunda, The Columbus Doors. These gigantic doors are nearly 17 feet tall and made of bronze, weighing nearly 20,000 pounds. They depict the life of Christopher Columbus and were created by New York artist Randolph Roger in the mid 1800′s in Rome. Installed in the 1863, the doors were moved to their current location in 1871 to be the new main entrance to the Rotunda. These beautiful doors depict scenes from Christopher Columbus’ life.

One of the world’s most famous doors is also one of the most simple in design, that of Number Ten Downing Street, the official residence of the Prime minister of Great Britain. This plain 6-panel black oak door features the number 10 painted in the center and rests beneath a semicircular fanlight window. The door is constantly guarded by a policeman and can only be opened from the inside. Beneath the number 10 is a black iron knocker shaped as a lion’s head. The current door is a replacement for the original which was moved after World War II and is currently housed in the Churchill Museum in London.

Probably the most beautifully adorned and intricate famous doors in all the world hang at the entrance to the Fes’ Royal Palace in Morocco. Here 7 golden gates mark the entrance, shining a small glimpse to the beauty held within. These gigantic brass doors are a major tourist attraction in the area. The King of Morocco uses this palace when visiting Fes, which contains beautiful gardens, painted ceilings, and private mosques. However you’ll have to take our word for it as these doors have never been open to the public and most likely never will be.

Dream Doors Testimonials

I love our doors!! We had our front door done 3 years ago and 2 back doors done a year later. Each time they did an awesome job! And cleaned up!! The doors feel so "strong" when you open and close them!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
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