Dream Doors does something unique, we install glass into your existing wood, steel, or fiberglass door. By using the existing door, customers avoid the high cost and inconvenience of replacing a perfectly good door.

All decorative glass on display at Dream Doors withstands hurricane winds up to 125 mph, making the glass very secure and not easily broken.

Dream Doors has over 40 designs on display in our showroom, with the majority of our glass being obscure to ensure your privacy.


Dream Doors is a door company, specializing in unique entry doors. We custom build the door of your dreams to fit any size opening for a completely natural look. Regardless of the type or size of doors you need, Dream Doors can usually do it!


Dream Doors features the highest quality hardware found almost anywhere, with a 5 year warranty on the finish and a lifetime mechanical warranty.


Dating back to 1981, Dream Doors was originally an installation company, installing doors for a variety of companies including Sears, Home Depot, and Lowe's.

By 1995, Dream Doors was selling and installing their own custom-built entry doors. In time, it became apparent that most customers were replacing perfectly good entry doors and disposing of them, in order to have doors that contained decorative glass.

This inspired Dream Doors to develop the concept of installing decorative glass into a customer's existing door, saving the expense and inconvenience of replacing a perfectly good door.

In 1999, the concept of "your door, our glass" was born. To date, Dream Doors has installed over 15,000 decorative glass doors into homes in the Jacksonville, Florida market.


Why People Choose Us Over our Competition

Our Showroom

Dream Doors has a showroom displaying over 40 glass designs for your convenience.



Privacy Ratings

All Dream Doors decorative glass is privacy rated from 5 to 9, with 9 being the most private. We have glass that you can see out, but others can't see in. We can demonstrate that fact for you right in our showroom. We also have an available privacy blind for those desiring 100% privacy.

Certified Building Contractors

Dream Doors is a Certified Building Contractor.

Company-Trained Installers

All Dream Doors installers are company trained to our quality standards.

All installers have passed a comprehensive background check by:



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